13 Signs Walmart Is Collapsing In Front of Our Eyes

Walmart is showing signs of a potential Fall

Walmart is ranked the leading retail store in the US and one of the biggest multinational stores globally with over six decades of existence. With billions of revenue recorded annually, they have proven to be the big fish in the business. However, this incredible status is slowly fading as Walmart is showing signs of a potential fall. A fall that poses a great danger to the longevity of the company. So what are the signals of Walmart’s breakdown?
To begin, Walmart has faced numerous lawsuits for failing to adhere to the law. Around more than 500 lawsuits have been approved by the court and Walmart has paid the price heavily. Precisely, they have paid more than 5.5 billion dollars for lawsuits made from 2000 alone. If we include the lawsuits before 2000, we could see the numbers sail to more than 10 billion dollars on a general estimate. Very surprising, right? Since the categories of lawsuits are numerous, we will go through five major offenses that took the bigger share of Walmart’s penalties.
Credit to : Economics Lab

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