15 Dirt Cheap Emergency Foods You Forgot To Buy Before The Imminent Economic Collapse

Global Food Production is at perilously low Levels

As the impending shadow of economic collapse looms, there’s an urgent need to prepare for a food crisis that the average citizen remains oblivious to. With fertilizer prices soaring and small American farmers abandoning their fields, global food production is at perilously low levels, and grocery prices are skyrocketing. The new norm of empty shelves underscores the importance of stockpiling supplies before they vanish completely. To help in these dire times, we’ve assembled a list of 15 dirt-cheap emergency foods, such as ramen noodles, popcorn, canned vegetables, and more. These have been carefully selected to provide essential calories and sustenance, considering both affordability and nutritional value. In this crisis, looking beyond the price tag to the cost per calorie and versatility of each item can make all the difference in survival.
Credit to : Finance Economist

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