COVID Masks are Back… Here’s How to Prepare

Covid-19 and the Resurgence of Mask Mandates

In the United States, COVID-19 hospitalizations have been rising steadily since July, and the daily average number of hospitalizations nationwide has increased by around 20% over the last two weeks. (…)
In this insightful video, we dive deep into the current state of Covid-19 and the resurgence of mask mandates.
Join Andrew as he navigates the turbulent waters of today’s world, offering expert insights to help you emerge stronger and more prepared than ever before.
00:00 Start
00:20 Headlines Regarding Covid and Mask Mandates
1:57 Restrictions Before Covid
3:05 Banishing Stereotypes
3:40 Second Homes
5:04 Second Passport and Residences
10:36 Long-Term Tax Planning
Credit to : Nomad Capitalist

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