DESTROYING SOCIETY: Why Woke Culture Has Gone TOO FAR… | Konstantin Kisin

Social Inequalities that Perpetuate Injustice

On Today’s Episode:
You should be aware of social inequalities that perpetuate injustice, but where does awareness cross the line and potentially become harmful to you and the society you’re part of?

Konstantin Kisin is a comedian, social commentator and podcast host of the show TRIGGERnometry which celebrates freedom of speech. He’s had guest on such as Bill Maher and Ben Shapiro while tackling the harder conversations around woke culture, war, and highly sensitive politics most people avoid.

Konstantin has been named Jewish comedian of the year and has played at some of the UK’s biggest comedy clubs. In this two part episode Konstantin is discussing woke culture, the idea that victimhood sells and is therefore incentivized to younger people.

Tom and Konstantin explore the Western culture values that should be preserved and the danger of a toxic culture that rather complain about injustices that actually go to work on finding real solutions and fixing problems/

The idea of trading things that work for ideas that merely sound good is discussed quite a bit and it’s influenced by Thomas Sowell’s quote from his book Is Reality Optional, “much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good.”


“The very best things that I’ve experienced has been the result of overcoming adversity.”

“If you have a system which amplifies ideas that sound good but don’t work that’s how you end up in the position that we’re in.”

“There are things that will cause human suffering now that will cause human flourishing ten years from now. Delayed gratification.”

“As someone who has experienced racism, I don’t think it should be illegal to be racist or to say racist things. It should be illegal to discriminate against people because of their race, […] but people should be allowed to have and express pretty much any opinion in my view.”

“In many ways I would argue that free speech is unnatural and that’s why it has to be fought for repeatedly.”

Credit to : Tom Bilyeu

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