Do You know which Countries are Dumping The Dollar? What Is The Deadline?

Countries are dumping the US Dollar

My question to whoever takes the time to watch this video is, do you know if countries are dumping the dollar? What is the deadline? I’m going to show you the most recent president of a country that stated that their people need to dump the U.S. dollar with a deadline that is very close.

There is a massive dollar dump going on in the world and many are not aware of it. Some are buying offshore Yuan since they feel it will be the next world currency. Do you realize there are over 140 countries that are planning to dump the dollar on the same day? Apparently, there is a planned deadline to dump the dollar. It’s the de dollarization of the dollar.

The De Dollarization of the dollar is a silent campaign that many aren’t talking about. As the silent de dollarization continues, there are over 142 countries waiting to pull the rug from under the U.S. Dollar. If you are looking for the terms to research the de dollarization of the dollar, use the following. It’s been addressed more than one way:
Credit to : Phoenix Ankaa

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