EV News | Rishi Sunak Declares War On EVs… And Ford Fudges The Figures

Going on in the EV Landscape

There’s been a lot going on in the EV landscape. And few stories have attracted more attention that Rishi Sunak looking to position the Tory party as being on the side of motorists. But what’s really going on? Stick around as Dave Takes It On.

00:00 – Gridserve
01:14 – Rishi Sunak
02:00 – ULEZ
03:20 – 2030 Ban on new ICE cars
04:59 – EV vs ICE costs
05:57 – Hertz Tesla rental cars
08:57 – Tesla semi Megachargers
11:12 – Ford CEO Jim Farley
14:49 – EV rapid chargers
15:25 – My EV costs over 18,000 miles
16:55 – Average EV costs
17:14 – 72% of car owners can charge at home

Credit to : Dave Takes It On

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