Former NATO General: Western Self-Deterrence only Prolongs Ukraine War | Conflict Zone

NATO may eventually need to conduct operations against Russia

Retired British Army General Sir Richard Shirreff says NATO may eventually need to conduct operations against Russia if the war in Ukraine dragged on and became “a running sore” in Eastern Europe. The former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, also told DW that Western self-deterrence had prolonged the war and that the best way to end the Kremlin’s nuclear saber-rattling was to build a credible conventional defense in NATO.

00:00 Retired UK General Richard Sherriff
00:05 Tim Sebastian on what’s next in Ukraine
00:10 Future relations with Russia
00:33 Ukrainian progress, Black Sea oil rigs
00:56 Well-established Russian defenses, minefields, with no air superiority
02:15 Gulf War, World War Two examples
03:01 Long-term NATO has got to be prepared for the worst case, to fight Russia.
03:33 Counter-insurgency vs. high-intensity combat operations
03:43 NATO exercise Lativia & broken tanks
03:53 Moving at the speed of the slowest ship in the convoy, deterrent capability
04:51 War begam when Russia annexed Crimea in 2014
05:40 Estonian PM Kaja Kallas on NATO defense plans
07:00 NATO’s capability, France, Germany, Italy vs Baltics , Poland, Czechia, two percent GDP
07:34 German defense spending, Zeitenwende, UK defense spending
08:44 Western support for Ukraine, US elections, wavering Republicans.
09:20 Rishi Sunak, ammunition, Storm Shadow, Taurus, HIMARS
10:00 Honor in modern warfare
10:40 Let Ukrainians get on with it, with intelligence, cyber, EW support.
11:10 If that means striking into Russia—so be it.
11:20 Western self-deterrence has only prolonged war
11:35 Kherson aftermath, Surovikin line of Russian defenses
12:13 Cluster munitions use by Ukraine
13:01 Sherriff on his own experiences in Ukrainian bomb shelter
13:30 This is a war about Ukraine joining the West
15:00 Vilnius summit
15:54 Ukraine’s center of gravity, lines of communication to Crimea, branches and sequels
17:00 West & NATO need strategic patience
17:20 Could NATO need to launch operations, Cardiff summit 2014
18:16 A “running sore” in Eastern Europe
18:40 Doubling down on what Ukraine needs,
20:09 Loss of Western momentum, focus and purpose and stalemate
21:00 Endgame in Ukraine, future of relations with Russia in Europe
21:50 Russia DNA and Ukrainian sovereignty
22:04 NATO membership for Ukraine, security band in Moldova, Georgia, even Belarus
22:30 Decline of the Russian empire will be ongoing over decades
23:00 Nuclear deterrence, Russia, Trident, ICBM, asymetric threats, & effective deterrence.
23:55 How to ensure nuclear saber rattling ends.
24:30 Nuclear blackmail and North Korea
Credit to : DW

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