Housing Market Set For A “Cat 5” Storm, Worse Than The Great Financial Crisis | Melody Wright

State of the US Real Estate Market

Last week Danielle DiMartino Booth was on this program and gave a special shout out to the excellent work analyst Melody Wright is doing to reveal the true state of the US real estate market.
So I’m thrilled we have the good fortune to sit down with Melody herself today, to hear her latest assessment straight from the horse’s mouth.
0:00 The current state of the US real estate market.
8:00 Clarifying the assessment of inventory.
12:27 Pig and the snake of permits.
17:53 What is a spec home and why is it important?
24:08 The end of the runway for builders.
29:00 How much faith do we have in the data?
32:50 Case study of a community site with 100 homes for sale.
38:03 Risks of institutional and corporate investors in the market.
42:06 No one has learned their lessons.
47:31 How do you feel about the current state of the market?
51:56 How the superprime is coming under stress.
56:32 How a recession could accelerate the housing market?
Credit to : Wealthion

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