How EU sanctions against Russia are Failing | DW Documentary

Sanctions against Moscow

The EU imposed sanctions against Moscow as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But loopholes raise doubts about whether these are working.

There is evidence that dual-use items that can also be used for military purposes are reaching Russia – from microelectronics, to replacement parts for related industries, to cars and weapons. How can this be happening in spite of sanctions? Where are the loopholes? To find out, DW reporter Miodrag Soric went to Georgia, a Western-oriented country that officially supports the imposed sanctions. Georgia is also a close neighbor of Russia, with all the economic ties and geopolitical dependencies that that implies. Allegedly, large amounts of exports continue to go to Russia via countries such as Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia. How do they get there? How can this be stopped? Miodrag Soric searches for clues.

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Credit to : DW Documentary

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