International Excess Deaths – Still well above Average

Excess Deaths Continue

Week ending 26 May 2023 (Week 21)

11,111 deaths were registered in England and Wales

262 mentioned novel coronavirus (COVID-19), (2.4% of all deaths).

Of the 262 deaths involving COVID-19

64.5% (169 deaths) had this recorded as the underlying cause of death

Number of deaths above five-year average

Private homes 17.3% above, (472 excess deaths)

Hospitals 6.3% above, (282 excess deaths)

Care homes 6.7% above, (137 excess deaths)

Other settings 15.8% above, (130 excess deaths).

The number of deaths registered in the UK

12,528, which was (9.4% above the five-year average)

1,076 excess deaths (282 involved COVID-19).
Credit to : Dr John Campbell

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