Is Global De-Dollarization an Intentional & Deliberate Effort from within the USA? – Andy Schectman

Global De-Dollarization

Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, continues her interview with Andy Schectman, President and Owner of Miles Franklin, who explores the idea that the move for countries to de-dollarize could be intentionally and deliberately driven from factions within the U.S. Schectman says it is one of the few possible solutions to the massive American debt problem and could put the U.S. on the direct path to the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). He also weighs in on the outlook of the petrodollar, the essential role gold plays in all of this, and theorizes who can be behind the de-dollarization agenda within the U.S. itself.
Credit to : Kitco NEWS

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