Joe Biden Drops $300 Billion BOMBSHELL on General Motors (A Win for Tesla)

Joe Biden and General Motors

The relationship between Joe Biden and General Motors’ Mary Barra has involved significant investments, but Biden’s administration now takes a firm stance on emissions standards, posing challenges for GM. General Motors expressed concern about potential penalties for the auto industry due to emissions rule changes, but the NHTSA refuted their estimate. Mary Barra’s decision to focus on EVs and skip hybrids seemed sensible, contrasting with Toyota’s approach, but now this is causing the company to be penalized. GM’s struggles in the EV transition also raise doubts about their credibility. Despite resistance, Biden is pushing hard for greenhouse gas reduction. But this is exactly what Elon Musk wants. GM’s difficulty in meeting emissions standards may benefit Tesla’s emissions credit accumulation. #tesla #elonmusk #joebiden #generalmotors
Credit to : TMIO Tesla

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