NATO Nation Firm Rejects Anti-Putin ‘Propaganda’; German Company Seals Biz With Russia I Details

NATO Nation Firm Rejects Anti-Putin ‘Propaganda

The non-stop war in Ukraine and its impacts have left many frustrated in the West. Even companies based in NATO nations are shying away from anti-Russia “propaganda.” A German company has vowed to continue business with Russia despite pressure. The Company, Claas, cited “humanistic concerns” in continuing its supply to Russia. The CEO of Claas, a German agricultural machinery maker, made the declaration. The statement comes despite pressure to end supplies after Russia exited the Black Sea grain deal. Claas CEO Mohr described the suspension of the grain deal as “disappointing.” The deal gave safe passage in the Black Sea to Ukrainian grain ships amid the war. However, Moscow refused to extend the deal after its expiration, citing misuse by Kyiv.

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