NATO Summit in Vilnius – Lithuania and its Russian Neighbor

Military Threat to Western Europe from Russia is real

Seven months before Russia attacked Ukraine, a crew started filming in Lithuania. They accompanied NATO troops, a mayor, a retired couple and a Latvian-Russian bon vivant. Then comes February 24, 2022.

When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the head of the village of Rukla took up arms. Vilma has been training her entire family in paramilitary national defense ever since. She believes the military threat to Western Europe from Russia is real. For Georgi, a pensioner, this is Western propaganda. “Who needs tanks today?” grumbles the native Belarusian.

“Rukla – Currently no Enemy in Sight” allows for a kind of time travel, a chance to once again experience the sense of European security that ended with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Credit to : DW News

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