Pres. Biden Allowing Saudi Arabia to “Rip Us Off”, OPEC to Stick It to Every American

OPEC to Stick It to Every American

We’re back from our summer break! In today’s interview with Todd “Bubba” Horwitz, he says the U.S. is facing the biggest shortage in oil supply since 1985. “What nobody understands about the oil market is that all gas has a federal tax assigned to it… The higher gas prices get, the more federal tax rates are paying,” he explains. He predicts the Federal Reserve will keep hiking interest rates and many small businesses will be destroyed because of this. “We know the true number is still closer to 15% to 20%. It is so ridiculous to even show a number of 3%,” he says. However, he still believes in the dominance and stability of the U.S. dollar in today’s contentious global financial system. He argues the recent discussions among BRICS nations about building a gold-backed currency are “nonsense.” Watch the interview to find out why and more.

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Credit to : Stansberry Research

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