Russia’s “Civil War” Evaporates as Ukraine’s Offensive Enters Week 4

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for June 25, 2023

– Ukraine’s offensive enters its 4th week with the line of contact relatively unchanged and having suffered immense losses;

– Western governments and commentators have been increasingly calling for more “wonder weapons” and even Western military intervention as prospects dim for Ukraine;

– The Wagner mutiny in Rostov, southern Russia was an ill-conceived gamble by Wagner’s figurehead Yevgeny Prigozhin;

– The crisis resolved itself within 24 hours with Prigozhin’s exile to Belarus and Wagner forces being fully integrated into the Russian military;

– Ukraine’s offensive potential persists, however, amid a war of attrition, territorial gains at the cost of men and machines brings Ukraine closer to defeat, not victory;


Ukraine’s Offensive
Credit to : The New Atlas

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