Seymour Hersh Writes that the U.S. Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines

U.S. Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines

The lies and fabrications that dominate the media and official pronouncements of virtually all parties and intelligence agencies in the TransAtlantic world are being exposed. Seymour Hersh (see link below) states the U.S. blew up the pipelines. Former New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth exposes the serial lies printed by the NYT and WaPo in an article in the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review, “The press versus the president”. Yet, there was Zelensky in London, Paris and Brussels yesterday, demanding more arms for NATO’s war in Ukraine against Russia. Join us in getting out the truth, speak loudly and boldly, and march in Washington on February 19. Here is the link for Hersh’s article:

Credit La Rouche Organization

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