The United Nations just lost it’s F**king MIND with this | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

World Politics

The United Nations says that we should decriminalize all sex and drug-related activity in the name of human rights, including sex with minors. Oh and they want you to be able to poop on the street. Is this progress? This comes from a United Nations organization called UNAIDS in [a report]

released on March 8 to honor Women’s Day. It is sort of a best practice suggestion for international communities on how to police “”conduct associated with sex, reproduction, HIV, drug use, homelessness and poverty.”” The basic suggestion is: you don’t. This is a strange document but the strangest is Principle 16 which suggests no age limit for consensual sex. It also suggests no criminal penalties for sex work, buying or selling, and no criminal consequences for people who make money by other people’s sex work. We used to call these pimps. Do we still?

Credit Redacted

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