The World is shocked by the Flood in China! Monstrous Footage from Beijing and Hebei!

Hebei Province in northern China has been hit hard by flooding caused by Typhoon Doksuri.
29 people are reported dead in the province and 16 people are missing.
In total, about 4 million people were affected.
About 2 million people were displaced from their homes.
More than 40,000 houses collapsed and more than 150,000 were damaged.
Just over 1,000 schools and about 2,000 health facilities were affected.
Recovery can take up to two years.
At least 33 people have died in flooding in Beijing after Typhoon Doksuri hit northern China.
Another 18 people are reported missing.
This is the worst flood in recent years.
Rainfall was record high.
The authorities have declared a red alert level.
The downpour caused landslides and washed away cars on the outskirts of the city.
Heavy rain since the weekend has prompted Beijing to close tourist attractions.
But the worst effects are felt on the outskirts of the city, where downpours have swept the riverbeds.
Residents are posting videos on social media showing cars floating in the water.
As well as residents of the area walking the streets with garbage and flooded cars.
Hundreds of thousands of houses were damaged.
Over 15,000 hectares of arable land were flooded.
Recovering flood damage can take up to three years.
Emergency services in the Chinese capital and neighboring provinces in northern China have warned residents of the ongoing danger.
Authorities are urging residents of the most affected areas to stay at home.
These rains are distinguished by their duration and large accumulation of precipitation.
According to Chinese meteorologists, heavy rains were caused by a mass of moist air that was shifted north by a recent typhoon
Credit to : Forces Of Nature

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