Those Retailers Fighting For Survival

Retailers Fighting For Survival

Those Retailers Fighting For Survival.
Retailers are on the verge of a huge breakdown due to the ongoing retail apocalypse that has seen numerous stores shut down. Even the most successful retailers are feeling the pinch of this dilemma as their companies are tearing apart.
This situation has made them bankrupt while others have resorted to selling their firms to reduce the burden. The bigger question is, when will this nightmare end? As the economic stress shifts from bad to worse, we are going to share with you the affected retail companies and how this economic storm is eating these firms alive.
Let’s kick off with the Bed Bath and Beyond Company. This firm is specializing in selling household items and it has been in existence for five decades with billions of revenue recorded each year. However, this successful fairy tale is cut short with the recent retail apocalypse which is disabling its operations. The core cause of this problem is the deterioration of sales as indicated by their 33% drop from the previous year.
Credit to : Economics Lab

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