Tucker Carlson Just Ended Multiple Campaigns at Blaze’s Media Summit

Tucker Carlson Just Ended Multiple Campaigns

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the fallout from Blaze Media’s “The Summit, hosted by Tucker Carlson”; Carlson’s brutal handling of Mike Pence’s defense of military support for the Ukraine war while ignoring crime ridden cities and other domestic problems; Carlson’s grilling of Asa Hutchinson about his position on treatment for trans kids; his response to Tim Scott’s proposal for dealing with illegal immigration and Mexico’s allowing of fentanyl to come over our border; his reaction to Nikki Haley explaining how she plans to gut a lot of federal agencies; Vivek Ramaswamy’s theory about the deep state targeting his campaign; Carlson’s reaction Ron DeSantis’ plans for the first day of his presidency; Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo reminding Donald Trump that he failed to drain the swamp; David Sacks attacking Google for YouTube’s censorship of Jordan Peterson’s interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; and much more.
Credit to : The Rubin Report

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