UK in Deep Trouble as Birmingham Declared BANKRUPT, House Prices Crash & Economy Continues Slow Down

United Kingdom is in the grips of a Crisis

The United Kingdom is in the grips of a Crisis as GDP falls and prices rise. The combination of Brexit and Rising Market Prices has caused Inflation to Soar and resulted in 14 consecutive Interest Rate Rises. This is now causing major problems in the economy and as Inflation is at 6.8% and Interest Rates have risen to 5.25%. Birmingham City Council, the 3rd largest City in the UK, has declared itself BANKRUPT and cannot continue to pay for essential services. More Interest Rate Rises are likely and as the majority of mortgages are fixed for less than 5 years this is going to cause massive problems in the housing market. In this video I look at the current situation and what is likely to happen over the next 3 to 6 months.
Credit to : Joe Bloggs

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