Ukraine’s President Zelensky Accused of Embezzling Western Aid Money

Zelensky is facing the heat once again

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is facing the heat once again, this time for allegedly embezzling money which Western nations rushed to Ukraine to help it repulse Russia’s invasion. Palki Sharma tells you more. French President Emmanuel Macron is not slowing in his attacks on the US. His calls for Europe to not become a vassal of the US are pragmatic, but are landing him in trouble. Palki Sharma explains why. Early on Thursday, a new ballistic missile launch by North Korea forced Japan to issue emergency evacuation orders for the residents of Hokkaido. Are North Korea’s missile launches now becoming a threat to neighboring countries’ populace? Palki Sharma decodes. Syria is being welcomed back into the Arab fold, after more than a decade of being casted out. Why is Bashar al-Assad’s regime being embraced by the Arab world, and what does this mean for West Asia? Palki Sharma decodes.

Credit Firstpost

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