US-China ties: Joe Biden equates Xi Jinping with dictators

US-China ties

The United States and China have one of the world’s most important and complex bilateral relationships since 1949 the countries have experienced periods of both tension and cooperation over issues including trade climate change and Taiwan a rare Beijing visit by the U.S Secretary of State saw U.S and China make progress but the two sides closed no gaps here at a Democratic party donors reception U.S President Joe Biden equated Xi Jinping with dictators before leaving China Anthony Blinken said I’m quoting here the relationship was at a point of instability and both sides have recognized the need to stabilize ties here in February a Chinese balloon which Beijing denies was a government spy vessel spent a week flying over the United States and Canada before being shot down and speaking at a campaign fundraiser in North California Biden stated that the Chinese balloon had two box Cars full of spy equipment now the U.S president said that the reason why Xi Jinping got upset was that he did not know the balloon was there.

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