US Leak Reveals China’s Huge “Hypersonic Leap” | Can US’ Defences Stop Xi’s Next-Gen DF-27 Missile?

Chinese DF-27 Missiles can Penetrate US Defences

A trove of leaked classified Pentagon documents have highlighted that the Chinese DF-27 missiles can penetrate US defences. The classified documents also offer a significant glimpse into security risks posed to the US by China. According to a Washington Post report, China conducted a secret DF-27 ICBM test in February 2023. The leaks reveal that the vehicle flew for 12 minutes over 2,100 kms and had a “high probability” of breaching US defences. The leaks are proof of the massive leaps that Beijing has made in its hypersonic program. Watch this video to know more who’s ahead in the hypersonic arms race.
Credit to : CRUX

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