US Ramps Up Military Presence in Indo Pacific to Fight China 

US Ramps Up Military Presence in Indo Pacific to Fight China

As China increases its incursions into Taiwan, Beijing’s aggression in the Indo Pacific is out for all to see. A war with China cannot be ruled out, which is why Washington is arming countries in the Indo Pacific. The US is building partnerships and trying to build a coalition of like-minded countries in the Indo Pacific. But that could bring China and the US to the brink of war. Palki Sharma tells you why.

India and the UAE have signed a pact to promote trade settlement in local currencies. The rupee-dirham trade is expected to save dollar reserves and insulate bilateral trade from foreign volatility. How big is this agreement for rupee’s global ambitions? What are the challenges?

Russia has blamed Ukraine for an attack on Crimea’s Kerch bridge that claimed two lives. The explosions came amid reports of massive setbacks to Ukraine ‘s counter-offensive. Kyiv’s military lost around 20% of its weapons in the first weeks of the counter-attack.

Israel has started using artificial intelligence to select targets for air strikes and organise wartime logistics. Artificial intelligence is changing the dynamics of modern warfare in ways that have prompted countries and the UN to raise the alarm and call for greater restrictions.

There is a new climate disaster every day. Is this our new normal? This week, Europe expects its hottest-ever temperature. A third of Americans are currently under heat advisory. Wildfires have burnt 24 million acres of land in Canada. Many parts of Japan are witnessing near-record high temperatures. Meanwhile, other areas in Japan have been pummelled by torrential rain. India is facing floods and landslides caused by climate-change induced monsoon. At least 40 have died due to floods in South Korea. Climate change is making natural disasters worse. And this has huge economic costs.

Wimbledon has two new Champions: Marketa Vondrousova and Carlos Alcaraz. The world number 1 defeated defending champion Djokovic in a 5 set thriller. Is this the end of the “Big Four”? Has the new generation finally found its place in the sun?

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