We’re Inching Toward WW3 as Trust Across Society Plunges Warns Doug Casey

Additional interest-rate hikes will Likely

Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman warned today that additional interest-rate hikes will likely be approved moving forward to temper inflation. But with inflation still nowhere near the central bank’s 2% target rate, these rate hikes could continue throughout a significant portion of 2024. Today, Daniela sits down with best-selling author and world-renowned speculator Doug Casey, who argues that it’s futile for market experts to attempt to predict the Fed’s next move since the central bank’s ability to manipulate interest rates allows it to control the direction of the economy. He says,”This is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The Fed shouldn’t have any control over interest rates. The buying and selling of lending and borrowing of capital in the open market is what should control interest rates.”

Doug also believes that the Fed could use central bank digital currencies to boost its already immense control over everyday people. “For central banks to have digital currencies that people are going to use is a bad idea on steroids…this gives a huge amount of power to the state,” he asserts. He concludes by highlighting the precious metals sector as a viable space to explore in order to provide extra protection for your portfolio throughout this uncertain market. “[Mining stocks] are the cheapest class of securities in the world. I think a pretty good case can be made that mining stocks, in the pretty near future, are going to explode upwards,” he explains.

00:00 – 01:42 – INTRO
02:48 – RFK Jr & Censored Speech
07:36 – Backing the Dollar with Bitcoin and Gold
10:20 – Destroying the Dollar
13:11 fed now launch
13:53 nations forming CBDCs
18:54 US-China relations
20:33 Hate for the US grows
22:15 Ukraine war
25:34 Migration in Italy
31:02 Mining in Africa
Credit to : Standberry Research

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