What Cannabis Legalization in Germany will look like 

Plans for a Broad Commercialization of Cannabis

Germany is pulling back on plans for a broad commercialization of cannabis following some political opposition, as well as concerns from EU. Government ministers presented the new plan this week, calling for a ‘model-project’ to precede any further commercial sales. New legislation would otherwise legalize possession of up to 25 grams of cannabis and allow private growth of up three plants. It would also permit so-called ‘Cannabis Clubs’ for adult consumption.
Under the new concept, a nationwide commercialization of cannabis would only come after a 5-year model project with a more limited scale. The exact outlines of the model, including the area involved, have yet to be clarified. But the plan calls for scientific- and policy-evaluation along the way, with results to be offered to the EU.
Credit to : DW News

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