What Saudi Arabia And China Are Doing Will DEVASTATE Americans

China just made HUGE moves on Saudi Arabia

China just made HUGE moves on Saudi Arabia in order to remove the United States and US dollar hegemony. Saudi Arabia is entertaining the idea of joining the BRICS nations and abandoning the 75 year relationship with the US because China’s gold backed digital Yuan. China wants a deep relationship with Russi (Putin) and Saudi Arabia (Prince Mohammed Bin Salman) in order to be the world reserve currency and control the worlds oil and gas and food supply. Russia and China just solidified the most important partnership in modern world history. Their goal is to re-order the global power center away from global elites at the WEF. All of this as China prepares for the reunification of Taiwan. But China knows it needs Saudi Arabia in addition to Russia. We are watching WW3 unfold before our eyes but it’s playing out as an economic war that will change everything. The Biden administration just launched a major economic attack against China. What will China do next?
Credit to : Stephen Gardner

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