Whistleblower: Ukraine is Harvesting Children in Adrenochrome Labs for VIP Elites

Ukraine Is Harvesting Children

A whistleblower who worked with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) revealed in a video interview that Ukrainian Nazi groups are harvesting the organs of children in basement adrenochrome labs that are being discovered after the buildings are destroyed by Russian strikes.

Vera Vayiman, who is a member of OSCE and worked in Ukraine as part of an international monitoring mission, made the horrifying revelations in a video interview that corroborates earlier reports from the Russian military and even from the Ukrainian military themselves, who have openly bragged that they harvest organs of children and body parts for cash.

According to Vera Vayiman, who shared her testimony about what she personally witnessed during her time in Ukraine, the children are shipped out of the country under a grain export code. Warning: this is very disturbing information.

Credit The People’s Voice

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